Enter numeric value only: 0-9


Enter only the alpha characters and the numeric characters found on the license plate. Spaces are not allowed.


Specify a dollar amount that you would like to set as your transaction maximum charge

* If your single parking transaction usage exceeds the set Transaction Maximum, your parking will be automatically terminated and must be reactivated to continue parking.

  $0.35 / transaction applies

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After completing the above registration process, you may begin to use your smartphone to start and stop parking.
Once you register for TELEPARK Services, you may manage your online account by creating an Online Profile from the Home Page, where you can update your account information, view parking history and utilize many other features.

* A convenience fee of 35 cents will be added to your credit card statement for each parking transaction.

* Note! This is a START and STOP system. You must Always STOP your parking transaction or billing will continue until the cost reaches your Transaction Maximum dollar amount
you have set OR reaches the maximum time permitted in the zone IF THERE is a time limit for that zone.
At that time, the parking transaction will stop and you will be billed either your maximum amount or the maximum fee for that zone.

* All charges include H.S.T. where applicable.